Apps That Watch Over You

In the age of tech-reliability and dependence, some apps, other than the ones which are solely aimed towards entertainment, have emerged to be beneficial in our daily lives.

A safety app doesn’t only help us out with our daily schedules and habits like a habit-tracker or a memo-keeper, it also becomes of great importance in safety and many other things. Here are some of the best of their kind.


An app that fills in for a literal companion when you’ve found yourself in a lonesome setting and on your way home alone. The companion app immediately sends out a live map to the immediate contacts (loved ones of the holder) and notifies them of their current location.

For this, the download of this app is not necessary as they send a map link which can be accessed without the presence of the app itself. Also, the detection of the phone falling or sudden removal of earphone triggers the app and it asks “Are you okay?” or if you want to call the police. If the reply is not received within 15 seconds, then the app itself will notify your companions to the severity of the situation.


The presence app makes use of your old cells by turning them into a surveillance unit for home security. It notifies you of any unusual presences at your home when you are not present and the signals are sent directly to your phones. This alert notification function can be installed on other devices of your family’s so that they can be notified at the same time as well.

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Family Locator Life360

The Family Locator app makes it easier to locate your loved ones by collectively sharing the map of each person live and also making an interactive group chat of the family members so that everyone knows where they are and can also communicate through the app and share location if need be.

Circle of 6

The Circle of 6 app uses preprogrammed text messages so that when the time is crucial, messages can be sent quietly to your friends and family. Winning the White House Technology Challenge, it has received a great amount of media coverage for its unique and useful idea that can provide help to many people.

Help would literally be a tap away no matter if you’re stuck with an uncomfortable person and need to be out of the situation or if you’re too drunk to drive, this would send a map location to your circle of 6 and have someone pick you up or become the distraction and rescue you.


A wearable, portable safety device that helps you to get to safety if you are in need and the phone is not around. It comes with three modes: I’m Fine, Follow Me, and SOS Help Me. The Follow Me mode, when activated, sends out your location and live feed to your close contacts so that they are fully aware of where and how you are.

The SOS Help Me button, when pressed, not only notifies every possible contact you have listed as your trusted circle but also to the local emergency services as well and gives them your location live so that they come to the rescue.


Apart from alerting your close ones about your whereabouts and state, this app also records video and audio which could then be very useful for the local law enforcement. When alone at night, bSafe makes sure to send your contacts information about your current situation. It sends a confirmation message when you reach your destination and sends an SOS message if it takes more than enough time needed for you to reach.

A Safety App Has Your Back

Whatever app is best for you will certainly aid in your safety. It’s one of those, “Why not?” cases. Why not have a little extra safety and lookout when you’re on your own. If you want any of these apps you can find them in your app store. I highly recommend it.