How Smart Homes Is Becoming Affordable

Our busy daily lives have little time for scrutiny or looking back before we head out to work every day. However, our most prized possessions and our dearest ones are left behind at home.


You might wonder if the children are doing homework or watching television or if your dog has made a mess. Then there is that nagging tension of forgetting to do something. Such as turning off the lights or forgetting to set the security alarms.

All these nagging problems and issues can be taken care of if you opt for a smart home. Smart Homes can not only monitor what is going on in the house, but you can also switch off that light which you left on before heading out.

Smart Homes Today

Today’s smart homes have come a long way from what it used to be in the past. Even a porch light timer was considered to fit the bill for smart homes twenty years ago. However, as demands increase for intelligent temperature control of thermostats or refrigerators that indicate when you are out of a certain food item.

The definition of what is a ‘smart home’ is being drastically changed. When it comes to catering to your smart home needs Long Island Security Cameras can help you set up surveillance equipment. So, you can see what really goes on when you are away. Sellers and distributors of these smart homes are using this term extensively in order to boost sales.

According to Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s CMO Sean Blankenship, the previous perception was that smart homes would sell more quickly. At least one-third of the company’s agents have reported that to be true. This realty owned company believes that there should be a standard in the industry that determines whether a smart home product is truly smart or not.

Also, if the term is relevant to the products or not. Long Island Security Cameras can integrate perfectly with any smart home system. The goal is to provide the best possible assistance for smart home surveillance.

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According to Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s CMO Sean Blankenship, the previous perception was that smart homes would sell more quickly. At least one-third of the company’s agents have reported that to be true.

Defining a Smart Home

In order to determine what consumers think Coldwell Banker conducted a survey of consumers. All of them had at least one product compatible with smart homes. According to their findings nearly half of these consumers happen to be millennials aged from 18 to 34.

Also, they are the ones keenest to have adapted to smart homes. Hence, partnering up with technology review and news website CNET, they have tried to define the ideal smart home.

They believe that a smart home should be equipped with products that are network connected, i.e. ‘smart products’ such as ones with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or similar protocols. These gadgets should be used for automating, controlling and optimization.

Functions include security, entertainment, lighting, temperature or safety. Be it through a separate system within the smart home itself or remotely through a tablet, computer or phone, these functions can be carried out seamlessly in smart homes.

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Do You Have a Smart Home Yet?

When it comes to security, smart homes should also contain smart features along with a reliable internet connection. These include smart surveillance cameras, outdoor sensors, safety detectors, alarms etc.

Long Island Security Cameras provide cameras that can suit the needs of your smart home security system along with other devices. There should also be smart temperature regulators, lighting, appliances, and entertainment gadgets along with a list of smart options.

Today around 87% of Americans recognize the value of smart homes. However, only one out of four have adapted this technology into their homes according to the editor in chief of CNET Lindsey Turrentine.

The way that CNET and Coldwell Banker define smart homes is targeted at educating and certifying the 80,000 agents working in the smart home technology today.

Customers will be protected against false claims by fake sellers in different platforms. The companies are hopeful the industry of smart homes would adapt their standard.

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