Wired vs. Wireless Security Systems:

Which One Is the Best?

If you are looking for a security system, you may have not been able to discern the differences between a wired or wireless security system. Understanding the differences between the two will help you make an informed decision as to which one is the best for your needs.

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Our technicians are able to help you determine which is most suitable for your needs. But it is also important for you to understand the differences between them so that you are capable of making the final decision.

Having a wired system or a wireless system will depend on several variables. All of which will be presented to you before it is installed.

What Is a Wired Security System?

The wired security system consists of a recorder that is attached to the power cable. With this type of system, you will have to contend with wires. In homes where there are children, this could be an immediate turn off despite our being able to conceal them.

Here are a couple of the benefits you might consider if you are having doubts about having a wired system installed:

  1. There is little to no interference with the frequency
  2. They are able to be installed wherever the cable will reach
  3. We can install them with motion detectors

If you would like to find out whatever benefits come from having a wired system feel free to contact us. Our associates will be happy to discuss this with you in further detail.


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What Is a Wireless Security System?

The wireless cameras are typically small enough that they can be installed wherever you would like. So, this is probably one of the most appealing features of the wireless camera because from our installer point of view they are also easier to install than a wired camera.

“Difference Between Wired and Wireless Security Systems” was written for Long Island Security Camera

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