Door Security Bars

Door security bars are something most of us are not familiar with anymore, nor can they be seen as much because of technological and more advanced security systems. Although these modern home security systems are great, they can malfunction.

The power can go out, you can forget to check, you might lose internet connection and so much more. When these things happen it gives burglars just the right chance to break in. But with a door security bar, there is nowhere to go wrong. Because thieves and burglars usually break in on the first floor, these door locks can save you from them. Not just that, thieves also attempt to break in less in homes and places that have these security bars.

From picking locks to trying to break doors down, there is little burglars do not think of, and a door security bar gives you the solid protection you need. These can be installed on any type of door. Be it your dorm room, hotel room door, at home interior and exterior and pretty much anywhere that has a door.

These security bars are portable and inexpensive, so even if you are going on a vacation, simply carry an extra to give you the right protection without an advanced security system. They also do not require anything additional like the internet connection, a power supply or subscription, so that is always a plus point.

Door security bars come in many shapes and forms. Below are a few types that have some differences in features, but all serve the same purpose of protecting your home.

Master Lock Dual-Function Security Bar

For starters this one is made out of 20 gauge steel, it is very affordable but that does not mean it lacks in quality. This door security bar contains a pivoting ball joint with a padded foot grip which helps it stay in place. Weighing less than a pound, this is great for travel, but don’t be fooled by the weight since it can withstand 350 pounds worth of force. This Master Lock can be adjusted from 27.5 inches up to 42 inches which makes it just right for sliding or hinged doors. Sliding doors always require special care in case of security because their lock mechanisms are usually weaker than regular hinged doors.

Buddybar Door Jammer

If heavy duty is how you want to go, then look no further than the Buddybar Door Jammer. This one is made out of 16-gauge powder coated steel and weighs around 8 pounds because it does not contain any plastic parts. The floor pad is bigger than regular ones at 8 square inches which gives a lot of resistance to outside force. This one can extend from 36 to 51 inches and is usable on any sort of floor, be it carpeted, wooden or tiled. Because of its weight, it is not the best for travel, but great for homes and dorm rooms.

Ideal Security SK110W Patio Adjustable Door Security Bar

In terms of security, patio doors are often left untouched, which is a great option that most burglars make good use of. The Ideal Security Patio Adjustable Door Security Bar is one designed especially for patios. This one is installed in the middle of the door, which is an advantage for the elderly since they do not have to bend down for it. The length can be changed from 25.5 inches to 47.5 inches. To remove the bar all you have to do it swing it up or down. It also serves a great purpose as a warning sign of sorts since burglars avoid to break into patios where they can visibly see the door security bar.

Is A Door Security Bar Worth It? 

It definitely doesn’t hurt. With all the technology taking over home security, sometimes a simple door security bar can be the one who saves the day. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with an extra level of security to complement your advanced home security systems!