Looking for the Best Pet Camera?

Here’s 2018’s Top 6. 

The introduction of a pet camera has brought great mental peace and satisfaction to the pet owners who no longer have to stress about leaving their pets alone at home.

Everyone is busy with their work during the day which confines them to leave their home, including their furry-little friends, alone. Now, they can surveil them from their workspace. It’s like a home security system, but for your dog. 

illustration of a security camera

Petcube Play Interactive

This pet camera comes with a 1080p resolution coverage with a built-in laser for you to interact with your pet from office. It also consists of night vision and two-way audio system for better surveillance of your furry friends. Its connectivity with Android and iPhones gives a real-time stream of your pets and also lets you share the pictures and videos with your family and friends.


This pet camera gives a 720p resolution of video footage for you to monitor your pet. The best feature it comes with is the treat dispenser that is able to discharge multiple treats at your will to your pet and all this is done from your workspace.

The one-way audio system allows you to communicate with your loner friend at home. Like the previous camera, this also comes with the option of sharing with friends and family and also consists of the option of connectivity with Android and iPhones.


This component has the most features built into it. With a 720p resolution for video and imagery and 110 degrees lens function, this pet camera gives you a monitoring experience from all corners. It also consists of lasers that can be controlled manually by the owner or set to automatic, in order to keep your pet entertained.

This also comes with a treat dispenser which helps you keep your pet busy all the time. With a one-way microphone, you can interact with your pets vocally as well. The only drawback is the lack of night vision.

PetChatz HD

This unique camera comes with a two-way video communication between pets and owners which is very rare to find in any other products in the market. These video calls can be scheduled at any time of the day and also intelligently marks your availability via a light to let your pet know you’re there.

With an additional purchase of a PawCall Button, it allows your pet to press and call you from home. This extraordinary feature has not been found in any other pet cams yet. However, this might be the reason why both the PetChatz and PawCall Button are more on the pricier spectrum of the deal.

pet dog

Feed and Go

This pet feeder is more than just what its name claims to be. With a compartment separate to feed your pet with wet or dry food and also accompanied with its medications (if any), a microphone for owner-pet communication.

It also comes with a built-in camera with WiFi connectivity so it can be accessed by an app supported to both Android and iPhone and even Windows. The multiple feeding schedules of your pet are easily handled by the app with a lock system controlled at the tip of your fingers.


This component ensures tossing of your pet’s favorite treats while you’re away. This can hold around 30 treats for your pet to enjoy while you play fetch with them and gives you the luxury to enjoy the scenario through a 720p resolution live stream camera that allows great quality video.

This is also equipped with a 120-degree angle lens and night vision so that none of the qualities are compromised as night falls. An additional two-way communicator allows you to be constantly interacting with your pet and also hear the other way around.

Having and using a pet camera has many benefits for home & pet owners. You will know your pet is not only safe but also not dirtying or destroying furniture. If you’re considering buying a pet camera, definitely look into these 6 more to see what best fits your needs.