DIY Home Security Systems

DIY Home Security Systems

Installing Home Security Systems

Home security has become such a vital necessity in today’s world. You may think this requires paying an expensive alarm company, but there are security systems you can set up yourself to protect you and your family.

It is nearly impossible to know when and where crimes will occur. To ensure your security it is important to be a step or two ahead, and have a security system installed so that no harm befalls you or your loved ones.

A common misconception is that a home security system is some kind of high-end luxury which only a few can afford. These days, however, that is the furthest from the truth. There are do it yourself home security systems that are affordable and offer quality protection.



In order to understand how your DIY home security system should best be installed, it is crucial to know the type of security that is required.

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This depends on the layout of your home, and its entrances and access point. Also, keep in mind the kinds of threats your house may be exposed to such as burglary or fire.


DIY Home Security Tips

  • Transmitters – Many people think a motion sensor is a cure for all problems. Unfortunately, this is not true at all. For immediate detection of break-ins, transmitters are highly recommended. It is best to spread them all throughout the layout of the house.
  • Smoke Detectors – Fire may be a bigger threat for you than theft. So, for this wireless smoke detectors should be placed in locations with more electrical wirings or potential fire hazards. If in an apartment then spreading them out among all floors and hallways would be ideal.
  • Security Controls – Another important factor in a home security system are the security controls themselves. After all, security is pointless if the controls are not done properly. There are two types of security controls. The first is a keyboard panel linked to a door and circuit board. This is called a cabinet style panel, and it connects to your phone. The other is simpler as it only links to the door with no more extra connections needed.
  • Monitoring Function – Last but not least is where you need your home security to alert you. You can immediately be alerted of any danger directly. Also, this can be done through alarm monitoring which can reach out to the authorities for faster response time.


illustration of a smart home


Here are some of the DIY home security systems available on the market that can help you get started:


  • Abode

Abode comes with a starter kit including sensors, and an entry-level security system. So, you don’t have to worry about scrounging around for beginner’s necessities. It can be connected to Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Nest, which can be used for voice-controlled arming and disarming.


  • Honeywell Smart Home Security System

This entire system is a DIY kit which comes with sensors, a key fob, and a camera station. It gives high definition 1080p coverage, 145 degrees angle viewing, and a 24-hour cloud storage service. This system is fully customizable with extra equipment like motion sensors or more key fobs, amongst other things if needed.


  • iSmartAlarm

iSmartAlarm gives a package of DIY home security kits with prices ranging from the basic Starter Package to the fleshed out Shield Package. The iSmartAlarm works with IFTTT and gives you the liberty to customize your kit with more external devices if you would like.



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Whichever form of security breach has taken place, it is important that you, your family, and the community stays safe from harm. There are plenty of DIY home security systems available that can provide peace of mind.


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Top Home Security Systems

Top Home Security Systems

Top Home Security Systems

In today’s world, home security has become a major concern for people. At times like these, a proper home security system is necessary.

The uncertainty of crime leaves room for the untold danger that may be lurking around the corner. To be prepared for any threat is the work of an intelligent and aware individual.

The first thing to consider when buying top home security systems is the solution the package provides. Secondly is if it fits your particular needs. There may be companies who might be more concerned with intelligent indoor security breaches than outdoor surveillance. So, you should look into the functions it comes with.

You should also note how much the top home security systems are true to their services, and not just after your cash. The customer service they provide is one of the major attributes that requires some research. Any situation needs to be handled immediately, and the service needs to be prompt.

DIY Home Security vs. Professionally Installed

Some people may prefer DIY home security systems over professionally installed ones. There might be many factors involved in deciding which home security would be ideal for you. However, it depends on the comfort and convenience of the buyer.

  • DIY Home Security: Some people may feel more confident in setting up their own security systems. This makes installation lengthier since inexperienced hands need time to understand the manual properly. However, it gives a great sense of control over the home’s security system. Also, you will be able to customize the system to your specific needs rather than having someone else do it for you.
  • Professionally Installed: This may be preferred because there will be professionals who know everything about home security. They can walk you through the security system, and how everything works. Also, they will be installing everything that is needed for the indoors and outdoors without any errors since they are experienced.


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Top Home Security Systems

A Few Well-Known Top Home Security Systems

  • Frontpoint

The Frontpoint Security systems come with an affordable price and impeccable customer service. Other than the activation fee no other charges are included. It comes with a DIY system that doesn’t rip its customers off. Also, it provides customers with help regarding any problem instantly so home security is not kept on hold. It is equipped with motion sensors, transmitters, and comes with control units which gives the users full authority over their security.

  • Vivint

Even though Vivint does not provide an option for DIY installation, they do provide professional installation of the security system. This does make it easier for people to get the process right without any errors. All of the equipment it comes with is sleek and built with a small structure so that it can fit into any part of your home. It comes with Indoor/Outdoor Video Cameras, a Doorbell Camera with Two-Way Voice, and Environmental Disaster Protection to provide you with the best protection.

  • SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe, like its name, keeps it simple by focusing on the monitoring system. It prioritizes simplified home security with DIY functionality. Included is Wireless Equipment, Cellular Alerts, Indoor Video Security, and more to give you the best security surveillance. You don’t have to worry about the threats that lurk around, and are notified of any motion in the active areas.

In Conclusion

In the end, whether DIY or expertly installed, it is very important for a household to have its own security system. Theft, robbery, fire, etc. can all be detected via top home security systems. It can assure you of safety for both you and your loved ones.***

Best Door Security Bars 2018

Best Door Security Bars 2018

Door Security Bars

Door security bars are something most of us are not familiar with anymore, nor can they be seen as much because of technological and more advanced security systems. Although these modern home security systems are great, they can malfunction.

The power can go out, you can forget to check, you might lose internet connection and so much more. When these things happen it gives burglars just the right chance to break in. But with a door security bar, there is nowhere to go wrong. Because thieves and burglars usually break in on the first floor, these door locks can save you from them. Not just that, thieves also attempt to break in less in homes and places that have these security bars.

From picking locks to trying to break doors down, there is little burglars do not think of, and a door security bar gives you the solid protection you need. These can be installed on any type of door. Be it your dorm room, hotel room door, at home interior and exterior and pretty much anywhere that has a door.

These security bars are portable and inexpensive, so even if you are going on a vacation, simply carry an extra to give you the right protection without an advanced security system. They also do not require anything additional like the internet connection, a power supply or subscription, so that is always a plus point.

Door security bars come in many shapes and forms. Below are a few types that have some differences in features, but all serve the same purpose of protecting your home.

Master Lock Dual-Function Security Bar

For starters this one is made out of 20 gauge steel, it is very affordable but that does not mean it lacks in quality. This door security bar contains a pivoting ball joint with a padded foot grip which helps it stay in place. Weighing less than a pound, this is great for travel, but don’t be fooled by the weight since it can withstand 350 pounds worth of force. This Master Lock can be adjusted from 27.5 inches up to 42 inches which makes it just right for sliding or hinged doors. Sliding doors always require special care in case of security because their lock mechanisms are usually weaker than regular hinged doors.

Buddybar Door Jammer

If heavy duty is how you want to go, then look no further than the Buddybar Door Jammer. This one is made out of 16-gauge powder coated steel and weighs around 8 pounds because it does not contain any plastic parts. The floor pad is bigger than regular ones at 8 square inches which gives a lot of resistance to outside force. This one can extend from 36 to 51 inches and is usable on any sort of floor, be it carpeted, wooden or tiled. Because of its weight, it is not the best for travel, but great for homes and dorm rooms.

Ideal Security SK110W Patio Adjustable Door Security Bar

In terms of security, patio doors are often left untouched, which is a great option that most burglars make good use of. The Ideal Security Patio Adjustable Door Security Bar is one designed especially for patios. This one is installed in the middle of the door, which is an advantage for the elderly since they do not have to bend down for it. The length can be changed from 25.5 inches to 47.5 inches. To remove the bar all you have to do it swing it up or down. It also serves a great purpose as a warning sign of sorts since burglars avoid to break into patios where they can visibly see the door security bar.

Is A Door Security Bar Worth It? 

It definitely doesn’t hurt. With all the technology taking over home security, sometimes a simple door security bar can be the one who saves the day. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with an extra level of security to complement your advanced home security systems!

Wireless vs Wired Security Systems

Wireless vs Wired Security Systems

Wireless vs Wired Security Systems:

Which One Is the Best?

These days apartment security has become of vital importance. The lack of space between constructions has made it difficult for people to maintain secured premises.

'no trespassing' notice

It is always recommended to use a security system for the house. This way your premises are safe and sound even when you’re not home.

However, there are multiple numbers of security systems available to choose from. Both wired and wireless to choose from raises the debate of wireless vs wired security systems. The biggest question is which one is better?

Pros of Wired Security Systems

Wired security systems hardly depend on radio frequency sensors. It stays safe from getting damaged, wire degradation or any other physical damage. Any damage will inevitably be replaced by the providers. It undoubtedly will save you money and time.

The maintenance of the wired system is also effortless. Since the providers do the initial installation, and no external device maintenance is needed.

The coverage perimeter of a wired system is more than the wireless. It can connect to multiple sensors through buildings. They also come with various options for control from different rooms, and even an added HD quality video surveillance.

indoor and outdoor security cameras

Cons of Wired Security System

If a budgeted security system is what you have in mind then a wired security system may not be ideal for you. It is certainly more costly than wireless. The vulnerability of this system also dwells with the wires of the house and phone lines. This makes it easy for thieves to deactivate the system by cutting the lines.

It is a problematic system for renters as moving wired systems is often discouraged by security companies. Uninstallation can be a great hassle depending on the company. Also, the control unit only resides in the main control panel. Whereas wireless can be easily controlled by a remote from anywhere.

Pros of Wireless Security Systems

The most comfortable part of the wireless systems is its hassle-free installations, and easy deactivation compared to wired networks. For renters, it is easier to rely on the wireless systems. The mobility of it is also hassle-free.

The upgradeability and modification of the wireless systems are more accessible than the wired. Also, it lets you add extra sensors at will if needed.

Wireless systems allow you to be connected via your cellular devices. Tech savvy people will love to integrate the system in other automation such as smart lights, thermostats, etc.

security camera outside building

The most comfortable part of the wireless systems is its hassle-free installations, and easy deactivation compared to wired networks. For renters, it is easier to rely on the wireless systems. The mobility of it is also hassle-free.

Cons of Wireless Security Systems

Wireless systems may interfere or even disrupt other frequencies such as Wi-Fi or cell phone signals. The battery-operated system needs to be constantly checked for drainage, and replacement before it falls short and stops working.

Wired systems are also constrained in distances. It can only take a few numbers of sensors, and so are best for medium-sized apartments. Also, if burglars are aware of the type of security systems used they may be able to jam the connections and won’t let the alarm go off.

As data is transferred and this is dependent on an external network. Other hackers may also breach the system, and cause the alarms to malfunction and not work.

Even though both wired and wireless security systems have pros and cons it depends on what kind of security system you prefer. Thorough research on the available options can lead you to choose the security system that is best suited for your needs.

If you have questions regarding your home alarm system and security camera services contact us at Long Island Security Camera.

Home Security System in Apartments

Home Security System in Apartments

Do I Need Home Security Systems in My Apartment?

In a world of modern mass settlements and growing population, it is often hard to maintain a secured space due to the closeness of the properties and the increased pedestrian traffic. 

It’s been known that the most break-ins take place during the day when the members are out at work, and kids are at school, which gives thieves a perfect chance to get inside the house.

Keeping your house safe from burglaries would require more than just closed doors and windows. Most security measures that can be taken by apartment residents are often neglected due to the prior default security systems provided by their landlords.

However, renters should and must take measures, some very basic and only require precautions in daily activities, in their space to protect the area they reside in as a home. With the proper acknowledgment from the landlords if any external installations are involved, of course.


Additional devices to help increase apartment security

Security can come in all forms, depending on the level of security you wish to ensure for your home. Initial ones start by investigating the neighborhood and constant monitoring of the busy hours in the streets around your apartment. It can provide you with an idea of which timings might be prone to burglaries and break-ins. Other than this, more physical measures can be taken to secure the premises.

Installation of deadbolts is a necessity for front door security and often provided by the landlords. Any old, existing deadbolts are recommended to be replaced as there is a chance the previous tenants may still have the keys. 

sliding door

Keeping your house safe from burglaries would require more than just closed doors and windows. Most security measures that can be taken by apartment residents are often neglected due to the prior default security systems provided by their landlords.

Hinges are another concern with security where you need to make sure if they are outside your apartment, if so, then it is important for you to consult with your landlord and replace or fix them to your advantage. Existing strike plates also need a replacement as older ones tend to cause security breaches more often.

Apart from the manual security installations of the main door, there should be a similar measure taken for windows as they are most vulnerable to breaches. Vibration-sensitive alarms can be installed on the windows which, upon breakage of the glass will set off the alarm and let you know about the trespass. 

Windows with sliding doors can be installed with a lock system from the inside which can be locked during the day when the house is empty. Also, installation of metal grills can easily limit the access of thieves into your house.


Security System for Apartment: Wired or Wireless Security Systems


outdoor security camera


There are some wired security devices that can be installed with the permission of your landlord (which may also ensure you not paying for it at all if you’re a renter). 

If you want you could also go for wireless alarm systems for both doors and windows which are reasonably priced and are no-hassle installation, making it ideal for renters.

The wireless alarm systems that come with easy installation schemes, use motion sensors that would set off the alarm to you, keeping the thieves off at bay. 

Another step up at the security could the monitoring of the entire house when it is empty via smart video devices that are connected to your smartphone that allows you to see the video of the house at real-time.

Whether it is your own dream house or you’re staying in a rental, apartment security measures are of utmost importance if you wish to keep yourself and your family safe from intruders.

Business Security System

Business Security System

Why Security System Is Vital for Your Small Business

When it comes to small businesses, the word security plays an integral role in the functioning of the business.

We often hear updates of burglars and thieves breaking into and sabotaging small businesses such as grocery shops, departmental stores, or even toy shops! Besides protecting you from robberies, security systems can be installed for internal monitoring as well.

Why You Might Need It

Businesses are likely to get victimized 4x times than homes, according to a recent study, and thus security surveillance and monitoring is essential, regardless of business size to be safeguarded from internal and external sources of threats. 

There are some fundamental benefits of installing alarm systems for your businesses:

1. Reduce Cost

Having a fully functional alarm system installed in your business reduces your operating cost. Let’s think about the investors. Would any investor want to invest in a business which is prone to having burglar interceptions and thieves, breaking in once a month? 

If a business has a fully functional security system, it’s a relief for the investors, and eventually, they will want to invest in the business more when they will see and understand that their money is in safe hands.

2. Keep an Eye on the Whole Business

Your security system, especially surveillance cameras are your second set of eyes. You can keep an eye on the whole business sitting in your comfortable chair, monitoring every inflow and outflow, if your employees are working properly and most importantly if there are any mishaps.

illustration of a small store“Having a fully functional alarm system installed in your business reduces your operating cost.”

-Long Island Security Camera Systems

What It Protects

As far as common challenges that small-scale businesses come across, they are not many. Most of the times, small-scale enterprises come across internal and external challenges such as theft and burglary to name a few. 

Security systems ensure that these problems are dealt with. Security systems work as a second set of eyes for the owners of the business and management who are in charge to keep track of the internal and external environment to ensure that the business is fully functional having no inside or outside drawback.

illustration of a home security camera

Types of Security Systems for Small Businesses

Video surveillance ensures your small businesses are safe. Also, the surrounding area occupied and adjacent to the business is safe as well.

If you want to keep an eye on what goes around your business starting with your employees. If one of your employees is taking a longer break than he/she should have to. If your business is exposed to external threats, you should install a video surveillance system.

When it comes to vandalism and burglary Intrusion Detection Alarms are your way to go. This system not only deters burglars from damaging your business but also prevents internal theft by employees themselves. 

Equipped with entry detection devices, glass breaking sensors and motion detectors, which are monitored by a third party, this security system is mandatory for your small-scale business.


staffs in a florist

“If a business has a fully functional security system, it’s a relief for the investors as they will want to invest in the business more when they see and understand that their money is in safe hands.”

-Long Island Security Camera Systems

How Much Will It Cost

If you decide to install security systems on your small-scale business, you have two options. You can install a wireless security system which roughly cost $300-$400 or you can hire a professional expert.

Why Choose LI Security Camera

In today’s society, you can never fully assure safety for yourself or your businesses. To decrease the rate of exposure and damage to your business, installing security systems are the best way to go. And LI Security Camera is the instrument for the hour. 

This cost-efficient, effective and most importantly secured system will ensure that your small-scale business is safeguarded for a long time to come.***