How to Run Security Camera Wires

How to Run Security Camera Wires

How to Run Security Camera Wires

In today’s world, security cameras are no longer a luxury, but a necessity regardless of where you live. However, many people don’t understand the procedures to follow when installing security camera wiring.

The idea is fairly simple. First, know what kind of a security camera you need for your house. Then gather the necessary equipment for that specific security camera. Lastly, follow a set of regulated procedures to set up the security camera wires in your home. From a very generalized perspective, you can always install your camera through the basement, attic, bedroom, garage, warehouse, front or backyard, name it.

In case you are running a battery powered security camera you are absolutely hassle-free. You just need to place your camera in the right spot, inside or outside the house and you are good to go. But for other types of security cameras, you need to have a specific set of equipment to install the camera in your house.

Equipment Needed to Run Security Camera Wires

In case of PoE cameras, 5/6 Cat security camera wires, fish tape, drill, and PoE injectors are required. In case of wireless security cameras without batteries, electrical wires, drill, fish tape and most importantly security camera wire extensions are necessary.

On the other hand, equipment includes RG-59 BNC connectors, crimping tools, stripping tools, and coaxial wires to go with the regular necessities. These are but the fundamental checklists for each individual set of security cameras that you might choose for your homes.

How to Run Security Camera Wires Inside your House

When it comes to installing security camera cables inside your house, it gets a bit tricky. First, it’s imperative that you set a central surveillance hub to determine the path through which your cables will go.

Place your NVR/DVR in a suitable place to avoid a cable channel disaster. Generally, attics are an ideal place to set up your central surveillance hub. Use a straightened metal coat hanger to check for any unforeseen obstructions while drilling a hole in the wall.


Always remember to switch off the power grid of your house to assure your safety.

Long Island Security Camera


Added to that don’t forget to drill the hole while keeping enough space for the maximum amount of wires that you expect to pass, followed by drilling two holes on the top and bottom of the exact place where you plant your security cameras. Important note: Don’t forget to attach your wires with fish tapes! security camera outside the house

How to Run Security Camera Wires Outside your Home

When it comes to setting up security camera cables outside it takes a bit more time and effort. The task is divided into two parts: burying and pulling. A few steps done properly will ensure your wires to be planted safe and hassle-free.

It’s imperative to drill holes and strategically assemble your wires together through the ground, carefully wrapping the wires with metal conduits or PVC. It gets easier to fish the wires with fishing tapes. In case you need to power your wires it’s advised to use 5 or 6 security wires to provide power and internet connection.


Drilling done right and following the proper guidelines will give you top-notch security.

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When it comes to safety and caution remember to follow the guidelines provided by the National Electrical Code along with detailed step by step instructions in setting up security camera wires inside and outside of your home.


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The Most Reliable Nanny Cams

The Most Reliable Nanny Cams

Why You Should Use a Nanny Camera

& How to Choose the Most Reliable Ones

Not always being there for your kids is tough, and it is usually tougher leaving them at a day-care center. What most parents resort to in these cases are nannies. They care for children like their own, they look after them solely without having to look over other kids like at a day-care center and do everything the parents ask of them, just like the parents would do themselves.

However, even with nannies, unusual situations might come up that you might never hear of. Simply use a nanny camera, and you will be able to witness everything that goes on when you are not present.

Nannies Inviting People

We let nannies into our homes with the trust that they will look after our kids. We do intensive research on these nannies, their past experiences and records. If they bring someone else into the home, it is a huge violation of our trust and our privacy. With a nanny cam, you can inspect these things from work without having to be doubtful.

Young Kids Don’t Have a Voice

Kids who are usually kept with nannies are ones that are young. So even if something questionable happens regarding the nanny, they won’t be able to talk about it. With the nanny-cam you see all that is going on, so no chances of these occurrences.

security Camera icon

The Most Reliable Nanny Cams

FSTCom Hook

This is a hidden camera so you can keep your eye on your child and the nanny without them knowing. It looks like a hook but is really a wireless nanny cam. It will store the recordings on an SD card, so you can get it after the nanny leaves. It does not have any lights or markers, so the nanny will never know that there is a camera. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Blink Home Security

The Blink Home Security will send short video clips of 5 to 10 seconds when the motion detector is triggered and has two hours of free cloud storage. This does not require any monthly fees or contracts and is totally wireless with LED indicators which cannot be shut off. It is very lightweight, weighing only 12.8 ounces.

Arlo Smart Home

This one is wireless with magnetic mounts, so it can be placed almost anywhere in the room that you want to and at any angle. A lot of activity alerts can be chosen for this nanny-cam that you can customize according to your needs and get notifications on your smartphone or by email. This is also weatherproof which is an added bonus if you ever want to use it outside and is very easy to install.  A con of this product is that it can trigger false alarms.

Vimtag VT-361

The Vimtag VT-361 comes with a built-in microphone plus speaker which lets parents communicate verbally through the device with their kids. The camera can also be moved by using the app, so the parents can check on the surroundings of the child using it as well. It can take snapshots related to motion but cannot upload them to the cloud. The 3 dbi antenna is very helpful for wi-fi.

These situations happen behind your back when you are never fully aware, but these are complete breaches of privacy and might take a toll on your child later on. They might develop bad habits from these encounters and take them up as normal. Either way, it is always a good idea to keep your own eyes on your child and the nanny no matter where you go. And nanny cams are the best way to do so.

Best Pet Camera of 2018

Best Pet Camera of 2018

Looking for the Best Pet Camera?

Here’s 2018’s Top 6. 

The introduction of a pet camera has brought great mental peace and satisfaction to the pet owners who no longer have to stress about leaving their pets alone at home.

Everyone is busy with their work during the day which confines them to leave their home, including their furry-little friends, alone. Now, they can surveil them from their workspace. It’s like a home security system, but for your dog. 

illustration of a security camera

Petcube Play Interactive

This pet camera comes with a 1080p resolution coverage with a built-in laser for you to interact with your pet from office. It also consists of night vision and two-way audio system for better surveillance of your furry friends. Its connectivity with Android and iPhones gives a real-time stream of your pets and also lets you share the pictures and videos with your family and friends.


This pet camera gives a 720p resolution of video footage for you to monitor your pet. The best feature it comes with is the treat dispenser that is able to discharge multiple treats at your will to your pet and all this is done from your workspace.

The one-way audio system allows you to communicate with your loner friend at home. Like the previous camera, this also comes with the option of sharing with friends and family and also consists of the option of connectivity with Android and iPhones.


This component has the most features built into it. With a 720p resolution for video and imagery and 110 degrees lens function, this pet camera gives you a monitoring experience from all corners. It also consists of lasers that can be controlled manually by the owner or set to automatic, in order to keep your pet entertained.

This also comes with a treat dispenser which helps you keep your pet busy all the time. With a one-way microphone, you can interact with your pets vocally as well. The only drawback is the lack of night vision.

PetChatz HD

This unique camera comes with a two-way video communication between pets and owners which is very rare to find in any other products in the market. These video calls can be scheduled at any time of the day and also intelligently marks your availability via a light to let your pet know you’re there.

With an additional purchase of a PawCall Button, it allows your pet to press and call you from home. This extraordinary feature has not been found in any other pet cams yet. However, this might be the reason why both the PetChatz and PawCall Button are more on the pricier spectrum of the deal.

pet dog

Feed and Go

This pet feeder is more than just what its name claims to be. With a compartment separate to feed your pet with wet or dry food and also accompanied with its medications (if any), a microphone for owner-pet communication.

It also comes with a built-in camera with WiFi connectivity so it can be accessed by an app supported to both Android and iPhone and even Windows. The multiple feeding schedules of your pet are easily handled by the app with a lock system controlled at the tip of your fingers.


This component ensures tossing of your pet’s favorite treats while you’re away. This can hold around 30 treats for your pet to enjoy while you play fetch with them and gives you the luxury to enjoy the scenario through a 720p resolution live stream camera that allows great quality video.

This is also equipped with a 120-degree angle lens and night vision so that none of the qualities are compromised as night falls. An additional two-way communicator allows you to be constantly interacting with your pet and also hear the other way around.

Having and using a pet camera has many benefits for home & pet owners. You will know your pet is not only safe but also not dirtying or destroying furniture. If you’re considering buying a pet camera, definitely look into these 6 more to see what best fits your needs.

Wireless vs Wired Security Systems

Wireless vs Wired Security Systems

Wireless vs Wired Security Systems:

Which One Is the Best?

These days apartment security has become of vital importance. The lack of space between constructions has made it difficult for people to maintain secured premises.

'no trespassing' notice

It is always recommended to use a security system for the house. This way your premises are safe and sound even when you’re not home.

However, there are multiple numbers of security systems available to choose from. Both wired and wireless to choose from raises the debate of wireless vs wired security systems. The biggest question is which one is better?

Pros of Wired Security Systems

Wired security systems hardly depend on radio frequency sensors. It stays safe from getting damaged, wire degradation or any other physical damage. Any damage will inevitably be replaced by the providers. It undoubtedly will save you money and time.

The maintenance of the wired system is also effortless. Since the providers do the initial installation, and no external device maintenance is needed.

The coverage perimeter of a wired system is more than the wireless. It can connect to multiple sensors through buildings. They also come with various options for control from different rooms, and even an added HD quality video surveillance.

indoor and outdoor security cameras

Cons of Wired Security System

If a budgeted security system is what you have in mind then a wired security system may not be ideal for you. It is certainly more costly than wireless. The vulnerability of this system also dwells with the wires of the house and phone lines. This makes it easy for thieves to deactivate the system by cutting the lines.

It is a problematic system for renters as moving wired systems is often discouraged by security companies. Uninstallation can be a great hassle depending on the company. Also, the control unit only resides in the main control panel. Whereas wireless can be easily controlled by a remote from anywhere.

Pros of Wireless Security Systems

The most comfortable part of the wireless systems is its hassle-free installations, and easy deactivation compared to wired networks. For renters, it is easier to rely on the wireless systems. The mobility of it is also hassle-free.

The upgradeability and modification of the wireless systems are more accessible than the wired. Also, it lets you add extra sensors at will if needed.

Wireless systems allow you to be connected via your cellular devices. Tech savvy people will love to integrate the system in other automation such as smart lights, thermostats, etc.

security camera outside building

The most comfortable part of the wireless systems is its hassle-free installations, and easy deactivation compared to wired networks. For renters, it is easier to rely on the wireless systems. The mobility of it is also hassle-free.

Cons of Wireless Security Systems

Wireless systems may interfere or even disrupt other frequencies such as Wi-Fi or cell phone signals. The battery-operated system needs to be constantly checked for drainage, and replacement before it falls short and stops working.

Wired systems are also constrained in distances. It can only take a few numbers of sensors, and so are best for medium-sized apartments. Also, if burglars are aware of the type of security systems used they may be able to jam the connections and won’t let the alarm go off.

As data is transferred and this is dependent on an external network. Other hackers may also breach the system, and cause the alarms to malfunction and not work.

Even though both wired and wireless security systems have pros and cons it depends on what kind of security system you prefer. Thorough research on the available options can lead you to choose the security system that is best suited for your needs.

If you have questions regarding your home alarm system and security camera services contact us at Long Island Security Camera.

Home Security Camera Long Island: DIY or Professional Alarm System?

Home Security Camera Long Island: DIY or Professional Alarm System?

Home Security Camera:

DIY vs Professional Alarm System

Find useful information here to help you decide whether you want a DIY or a professional security alarm system for your home.

Questions to Ask When Considering a DIY Alarm System

  • What is my budget?
  • Do I need a wireless or a hardwired system?
  • What type of monitoring system do I want?
  • How many devices are needed in my system?
  • Do I need a smart alarm? If so, what features are required?
  • What type of user-interface do I need the alarm?

Pros of Installing a DIY Security Alarm System

  • Save Money

Since you will be doing the work yourself, you can save money on installation fees. If you are someone who is great with tools, this should not be a problem.

  • Flexible Schedule

You can install a DIY security system at a time that works best for you, be it in the middle of the night or on the weekends.

  • Adjust According to Preferences

You can set up the system exactly the way you want it. DIY allows you to have more control.

illustration of a security camera“Since you will be doing the work yourself, you can save money on installation fees. If you are someone who is great with tools, this should not be a problem.”

-Long Island Security Camera Systems

Cons of Installing a DIY Security Alarm System

  • Time-Consuming

You may have to spend time talking to customer service, and connecting and hanging the equipment, which can take long hours.

  • No Guidance

A professional can walk you through every feature of the system, but if you install it, you will have to teach yourself everything.

  • Equipment Concerns

You may have to pay very high amounts for the equipment. If companies are not entirely sure that you installed your system correctly, you may not qualify for warranties, which can cause problems later.

Pros of Professional Security System Installation

  • Professional Expertise

You can take advantage of a technician’s knowledge if you choose a professional installation. You can ask him how to operate the system and ask him to walk you through all of its functions, whereas if you install it yourself, you might miss key features.

  • Potential Discounts

Numerous companies provide cost-saving incentives if you pay for professional alarm installation. Be sure to look for promotions or different package upgrades.

  • No Worries

You don’t have to read a manual or listen to a pre-recorded set of directions if you purchase a professional alarm installation. Just relax and let the technician do everything.

illustration of a home and security camera“You can take advantage of a technician’s knowledge if you choose a professional security camera installation. Ask him how to operate the system and ask him to walk you through all of its functions.”

-Long Island Security Camera Systems

Cons of Professional Security System Installation

  • Cost

Unless there is a promotion going on, if you go for a professional alarm installation, you will need to pay the installer a good amount.

  • Setting an Appointment

You will need to set an appointment and be home when a professional comes to install the system. This can be tricky if you are a busy person.

  • Less Control Over Things

You will have less control over the system set up since the technician will set it up in the standard way. So, be sure to tell the technicians about your preferences.

Why Should You Choose Professional Security Camera Systems?

Getting a professional security alarm system is much more convenient than doing it yourself because you can sit back and relax while a technician sets it up for you. 

A professional will also walk you through all system features and make suggestions on how to secure your home appropriately. So, when it comes to a professional alarm system, there are more perks than drawbacks.


Getting a professional security alarm system is much more convenient than doing it yourself because you can sit back and relax while a technician sets it up for you.

Why Choose LI Security Camera Systems?

LI Security Camera Systems have plans for monitoring your home for the whole year and informing the authorities if the alarm is triggered. We offer options for smoke, fire, flood, and other hazards, and we have video surveillance options to view your home from anywhere distantly. 

Moreover, we provide your security alarm service for your home in Nassau County, Long Island, with a reasonable price. Call us to learn more about our service.***

8 Benefits of Home Security Cameras

8 Benefits of Home Security Cameras

8 Advantages of Home Security Cameras

Have you been thinking of installing a security system for your home but are deterred by the cost involved? Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

With the improvement in technology, products like home security cameras have become more affordable than ever before. However, you must consider all the benefits of installing a home security cameras system, before you make your decision.

illustration of a home security camera

1. Prevent burglary

The most important reason to install a security system that includes indoor and outdoor home security cameras for your home is to deter thieves. Nearly 6,000 burglaries take place in the US every day. 

Though one in three households without security can fall victim to a robbery, the number is significantly reduced if you have a  home security system. If the thieves see a security camera in your home, it will deter them from breaking in.

2. Provide evidence'no trespassing' notice

If unfortunately, theft does occur in your house, security cameras for the home can be an excellent source of evidence. They can provide police with all the help and proof they need for catching the thief and retrieving stolen goods. You must ensure that you have a good security camera (like the ones available at Long Island Security Cameras) that can capture faces.

3. Lower insurance premiums 

Home insurance is a necessity for all homeowners. While the cost of insurance can make quite a dent in your budget, it is important to note that many insurance companies provide hefty discounts if you have a home security system installed. Your insurance premium can be reduced by almost 20 percent if you have a home security system.

4. Checking up on kids and elders

A home security camera can be a great help in keeping a check on your kids and elderly parents when they are home alone. You can log in from your office computer or your smartphone to ensure their safety. Cameras can also be a great help in monitoring your kids if they are out in the yard or by the pool and you are working inside.

5. Protect your car

If you park your car on the street or driveway, you can easily monitor your car with the help of an outdoor security camera. Once you receive an alert, you can call the police, without having to confront the burglars yourself.

6. Peace of mind during vacations

If you worry about how to protect your home during holidays, a security system for your home is a must. This provides you with an ability to monitor your home no matter where you are. The ability to check on your home, no matter where you may be in the world, ensures that you can enjoy your vacation peacefully.

7. Constant monitoring

These systems also offer 24/7 home monitoring service. They can track any significant event that occurs in your home and even dispatches emergency personnel to your home if needed.

8. Improved home value

Installing a good home security system can also help boost your property value. If you are planning to see your home, a good home security system or a good home automation system can help you build a little more equity.

So, what is home automation?

Home automation refers to the automated and electronic control of household features, activity, and appliances. The best home automation system involves usage of smart appliances like thermostats, air-conditioning and even washers and dryers.

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There are some advantages in installing a security system for your home. So, don’t wait anymore. Call Long Island Security Cameras for all your home security camera needs. Their expert staff will help you find the right equipment for your home and also ensure that it falls within your budget.